Is Your Business Missing Out on This Goldmine?

Is Your Business Missing Out On It’s Biggest Goldmine?

As business owners our ultimate goal is to acquire and retain our customers. We spend lots of time, energy and resources to acquire new customers but unfortunately, we make the mistake (myself included) of not taking the time to acknowledge and grow our relationship with our existing customers. Instead, we continue to run out the door to find new customers. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t expand our customer base but we may be missing out on a goldmine in our own backyard.

Customers play an important role in business growth. Most business get a majority of new business through customer referrals. Customers can also be a great resource for feedback and insight on ideas that can further expand your business.

So the question is, what have you done to keep your existing customers happy? Have you worked to continue to build your relationship with them? Here are some ideas of what you can do to strengthen your the bond.

1- Show appreciation – There are many different ways that you can show appreciation and thank them for their business. This can be accomplished through loyalty/ VIP cards or programs. Create either a discount coupon card or a program that allows them to qualify for a free product or service after a number of purchases. You can get pretty creative with setting this up. The intent is to reward them for being loyal, valuable customers. You may also show appreciation through Appreciation marketing. Appreciation marketing is the act of building better and stronger relationships with your customers by becoming engaged in their personal lives and celebrating their special events such as birthdays, graduations, etc. This could be done by sending cards or emails etc. Find reasons to celebrate them.

2- Get them engaged – Get their opinion on how you can improve your services or products. What do they like most about your services/products? How are they using it (you may get some other creative ideas of how to use your product or service)? If they are not using your service/product, why not? What’s holding them back? How can you address their obstacle?

3- Keep them informed – Stay on top of your company news and use these as opportunities to stay in touch and communicate with your customers. Is there an upcoming product launch? Is there a neat and unique way to use the service/product? Share it with them. The more that they are informed, the loyal they will be on using your service/product.

Your customers are a great resource and it’s important that we treat them as who they are……”important.”

Are you using any of these techniques to build your customer relationships? Are there any other unique techniques that you are using with your customers?Please share by commenting below.

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Kyoive Henry,

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