Do not Be Lazy With Your Social Media Posts

Being on social media can be very beneficial to your business. It allows you to build your brand, market your products or services and engage with others in sharing information. If used correctly it will help build your brand. If used in the wrong manner, you can alienate your followers to the point of annoyance. 

Understanding how to communicate with followers on the different platforms is a good place to start if you want to use social media correctly. Whereas on platforms like Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn you can write detailed posts, Twitter limits you to a 140 characters. Pinterest, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to pin something of interest to a board with an explanation attached. 

Once you understand how to communicate on the various platforms the next step is finding your brand voice on each one. Although it may be easy and time saving to write the same information on each, your followers will soon get bored of reading the same thing across whatever social media venues they follow you on. 

If you are posting to both Facebook and Twitter don’t link the two platforms. Since Twitter has the 140 character limitation they will only see that much of your original Facebook post. It will not make as much sense to the reader what message you are trying to convey and if they are confused chances are they won’t click through to view the rest of the post. If you are posting an image to Facebook and have it linked to post to Twitter all the follower will see is the link. They will have no clue as to what it is they will be viewing. One other fault that the linking of the two platforms has is if you individually post the same information to each platform there will be a duplicate post, with part of the Facebook post truncated, on Twitter.

If saving time is your main priority, using tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite or SocialOomph can help. These tools allow for you to decide what you want to post to on the various social media platforms and when you want to post them. The best part of using tools like this is that you can spend less than 30 minutes a day creating platform specific posts.

By using the above tips you can go from being lazy to becoming more engaging with your use of social media

Kyoive Henry

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