5 Secrets To Keep Your Brand Above Competition

Secret 1: build your mind set

By the power of affirmations you can literally change who you are, you can change how
you live, and ultimately you can change how much money you make!

It is amazing that we can change into who we are. It sounds weird, doesn’t it? But this
is the reality, who you are is deeply hidden in you and you have to find this little seed
and start feeding it, watering it and it will grow into a beautiful flower of who you really

What you want, this is the voice of this little seed, calling you to open yourself and let it
grow. So what you have to do is unite heart and mind and start becoming the person
you want to be. With your heart, you have to really be passionate about it, and your
mind you have to program to be the real you.

There are many ways you can do that, which I can teach you if you let me mentor you.
The key to affirmations is consistency and details. You have to be very specific about
your goals, your affirmations, your ideal day. They have to be personal and you have to
read them every day, you have to say them all the time. Consistency is crucial for
affirmations to take affect on your mind.

When I get up first thing in the morning, what do I do? Read my affirmations so I can
program my mind for the person I want to become. This is how you build a better you,
how you tell yourself a different story about who you want to be, and become
that person!
Decide with your heart to work on your mind and start creating your new reality today
– in life and in business, it’s possible.


I am making another video to help YOU! Yes, I love doing this – just giving away free
advice for my readers to be successful. I guess you have already read my other posts
so you know how important goal setting is for success, but there is something else
here, and it is the focus on your goals. I am sure you have a nice piece of paper
with your goals written on it, but where is it?
My point in this video is that you must focus on yourself and your own goals. Don’t be
confused by other people, don’t compare yourself to them, don’t focus on them, you
have a life to live!

Focus On Yourself And Be Inspired By Others
Well, I don’t say don’t look at successful people. You are reading my post now, and I
am sure you have read and watched many other successful people. But the attitude is
important. If you are saying to yourself “Wow, this person has it all, it’s great example,
I will aim there” that’s all healthy and okay, and you are on the right track; BUT if what
you are saying to yourself is “Wow, this person has it all, why don’t I? What do they
have better?” that’s the whole wrong attitude, brother.

Did you know that one of the biggest obstacles to happiness is comparing yourself to
others? So, you wanna be happy? Don’t focus on other people! Just look at them, smile
and continue your way, to your future, to your goals.
If you focus on other people two bad things will happen – 1. You have just 100%
attention – if you give too much of it to others, there is nothing left for you; and 2. You
get discouraged – if you compare yourself too much to others, you might get
disappointed and lose motivation.

So focus on where YOU want to go, because this is your life, your business, your road,
and nobody is gonna walk it for you.


What I want to talk about in this next video is the 3 steps to making REAL BIG money
online. I don’t mean part time something on the side, but the real full time income you
deserve from your Internet marketing business.

How do I know they are successful? Because I am doing that myself – I am a full time
Internet marketer for over 5 years and I am making 6 figure income solely from my
online marketing job.

I will just lay it out for you neatly and simply. Here are the 3 steps I am talking about:

Step 1. Focus on big ticket products. If you promote a product on the Internet this is
affiliate marketing, and when you promote those you are affiliate marketer. And you
can promote anything, but why deal with cheap products for like $40 or $50? Focus on
really expensive and high income ticket products.

Step 2. Focus on your mindset. Most Internet marketers won’t even tell you this, but
you have to work on your personal development every single day. You have to do
success exercise to program your mind for success. I think this is ESSENTIAL to
success. You have to turn your mindset to success. This is necessary so you can take
action and start making money online.

Step 3. Focus on the right marketing. There are a thousand ways to do marketing and
all of them work! But, and this is a big BUT, not all of them work for everyone. So my
advice here is to just try, try all kinds of marketing in the beginning until you find what
works for you.

Do what comes naturally for you, so that it won’t be work, it will be
enjoyable to do your marketing. What works best, is what works best for you.

For marketing, follow the 80/20 rule – focus on the 20% that brings 80% of the
income. If you are still wondering on the HOW, just join my team and you will learn
much more.


To do online marketing, we all have websites, right? Without a landing page you cannot
generate sales, but how do you get people to this page? Don’t worry, it’s not a mystery
or some super complicated Internet secret. It is simple and I will tell you now how to
increase website traffic.
The one very important thing, I have mentioned before, if you want to be successful in
online marketing, is being different. Focusing on being different can give you sales
advantages that others just won’t have. It’s the same with getting traffic – you can’t
just do what everyone else does and expect better results than them. Moreover, if
everyone uses the same traffic source it’s just going to get over-saturated and there
won’t be any traffic coming from there.

Imagine it like a pie – the pie is very tasty, so everyone tries to take a piece, so every
person takes smaller and smaller piece until there is nothing left. But if you make the
pie yourself, it’s all for you, you can eat it all. So, what I am saying is – BE UNIQUE!
Find your personal, unique traffic source.

The point becomes not where to get traffic from, but how to get traffic. Being in
this business, you shouldn’t be a copy cat. This is one thing I have learned for sure –
the more you copy, even the most successful strategies, the worse. Because, you know
what, somebody else has already done it. You want to try something new, something
other marketers don’t do.
My bottom line is to stop looking for traffic sources but start looking for ways to
generate ideas about traffic sources. I mean, if you have a great website traffic idea, it
is certain that somebody else will follow, and the you have to move on. So the trick is
to start making your brain work on creating, not following. This is the only way to
success – create, don’t follow.

One of the KEYS to be successful in your online business is to BE YOURSELF.

The BEST WAY to be unique is to BE YOURSELF!

So that’s it!

Don’t try to be someone.

Be authentic.

Be yourself.

When you are truly yourself, that’s when you are the most powerful.

When you are authentic, you are being real.

When you are yourself, that’s when people can connect with you.

When people connect with you, that’s when people BUY from you.

So be yourself.

That’s how you are truly unique.

That’s how you STAND OUT from everyone else trying to be someone they’re not.

Once you do that, you can succeed even more than before!


I’m going to keep this part short because words are not enought.
At the end of the day, you MUST TAKE ACTION NOW in order to succeed.
Take action NOW. No later. But NOW!
That’s right.
You must develop the NEW HABIT of taking action NOW on a consistent basis in order
to achieve ANY TYPE OF RESULT online.
So if you want RESULTS online, then take action NOW!

Kyoive Henry


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