Your Step By Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Hi. Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest ways to start an online business. You don’t need to have any products to start or have much money.


First,affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products. When someone buys a product through your link,you get paid a commission for that.


» Decide which affiliate network you want to join.

There are many free ones out there to join. I recommend,because they sell digital products that are easy to sell. They pay from 25-75% commissions when you sell their products. They pay weekly through your visa,master card or pay pal account.

» Market The Products

Marketing products means you must own a website or blog. This is the shop in which you will market your products. I recommend you buy a mini web site from or because their prices are among the lowest online ranging from $10 per month. Alternatively,you can
get a free blog at blogspot or wordpress but websites are more effective for those serious about online business.

» Promote The Product

This is the most important part. For people to buy your product,the product must satisfy their interest. You will have to write a good sales copy on how well the product can satisfy their needs.

» Create A Capture Page

A capture page is a form where your prospects sign their contact details. The aim is to get their e-mails for follow up. To get an e-mail list,you need an auto responder. This system is responsible for collecting the e-mails of your prospects when they sign up.
It is important that you tell your prospects that they will get an attractive bonus when they sign up on your capture page. When they sign up,you will then send them their bonus and subsequently send them follow up mails,called sales copy,encouraging them to buy your product with fantastic bonuses attached to it. The bonuses could be e-books written by you or any person. But make sure the bonus is good enough.

You can get a good auto responder like or As you sign up for traffic wave,you will be given 30 days free trial after which you will pay $17 monthly. GVO charges just $10 monthly. You will be shown how to use them in their tutorials section. It’s simple to learn.

Alternatively,if you want a simple way to affiliate marketing,sign up for Here you pay over $60 and they provide a website,auto responder and write sales copies for you. They even provide you with proven ways of how to generate traffic to buy your product. They do virtually 90% of the job for you. All you have to do is to get people to sign up through your affiliate link and get paid commissions.

I am sure this will work for you just as it works for me or even better. But you MUST work hard at it for it to work for you.

In my next edition,you will learn how to generate free traffic to buy your products without having to pay for advertisement. Feel free to contact me through my mail if there are any questions.

To life without limits.

Kyoive Henry,




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